Man pages for saudiwin/idealstan
Generalized IRT Ideal Point Models with 'Stan'

delawareRollcall vote data for Delaware State Legislature
derive_chainHelper Function for 'loo' calculation
idealdata-classData and Identification for 'id_estimate'
idealstan'idealstan' package
idealstan-classResults of 'id_estimate' function
id_estimateEstimate an 'idealstan' model
id_extractGeneric Method for Extracting Posterior Samples
id_extract-idealstan-methodExtract 'stan' joint posterior distribution from 'idealstan'...
id_makeCreate data to run IRT model
id_plotGeneric Function for Plotting 'idealstan' objects
id_plot_all_histDensity plots of Posterior Parameters
id_plot_compareFunction to compare two fitted idealstan models by plotting...
id_plot_covMarginal Effects Plot for Hierarchical Covariates
id_plot-idealstan-methodPlot Results of 'id_estimate'
id_plot_irfGenerate Impulse Response Functions for Covariates
id_plot_legisPlot Legislator/Person and Bill/Item Ideal Points
id_plot_legis_dynFunction to plot dynamic ideal point models
id_plot_legis_varPlot Legislator/Person Over-time Variances
id_plot_ppcPlot Posterior Predictive Distribution for 'idealstan'...
id_plot_ppc-idealstan-methodPlot Posterior Predictive Distribution for 'idealstan'...
id_plot_rhatsPlotting Function to Display Rhat Distribution
id_plot_simsThis function plots the results from a simulation generated...
id_post_predGeneric Method for Obtaining Posterior Predictive...
id_post_pred-idealstan-methodPosterior Prediction for 'idealstan' objects
id_rebuild_mpiDEPRECATED: Reconstitute an idealstan object after an...
id_sim_coverageFunction that computes how often the true value of the...
id_sim_genSimulate IRT ideal point data
id_sim_residResidual function for checking estimated samples compared to...
id_sim_rmseRMSE function for calculating individual RMSE values compared...
launch_shinystanGeneric Method to Use 'shinystan' with 'idealstan'
launch_shinystan-idealstan-methodFunction to Launch Shinystan with an 'idealstan' Object
release_questionsFunction that provides additional check questions for package...
senate114Rollcall vote data for 114th Senate
stan_tracePlot the MCMC posterior draws by chain
stan_trace-idealstan-methodPlot the MCMC posterior draws by chain
summary-idealstan-methodPosterior Summaries for fitted 'idealstan' object
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