stan_trace-idealstan-method: Plot the MCMC posterior draws by chain

stan_trace,idealstan-methodR Documentation

Plot the MCMC posterior draws by chain


This function allows you to produce trace plots for assessing the quality and convergence of MCMC chains.


## S4 method for signature 'idealstan'
stan_trace(object, par = "L_full[1]")



A fitted idealstan model


The character string name of a parameter in the model


Other options passed on to mcmc_trace


To use this function, you must pass a fitted idealstan object along with the name of a parameter in the model. To determine these parameter names, use the summary function or obtain the data from a plot by passing the return_data=TRUE option to id_plog_legis or id_plot_legis_dyn to find the name of the parameter in the Stan model.

This function is a simple wrapper around mcmc_trace. Please refer to that function's documentation for further options.

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