id_extract-idealstan-method: Extract 'stan' joint posterior distribution from 'idealstan'...

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This convenience function allows you to extract the underlying rstan posterior estimates for the full parameters estimates of the idealstan model object. See extract for the underlying function and more options.

You can use this function to access a matrix or array of the full posterior estimates of each of the parameters in an idealstan object. There are available options to pick certain parameters of the model, such as the person (legislator) ideal points or item (bill) discrimination scores. Alternatively, you can leave the extract_type option blank and receive a list of all of the available parameters. Please note that the list of parameters do not have particularly informative names.

All parameters are returned in the order in which they were input into the id_make function.


## S4 method for signature 'idealstan'
id_extract(object, extract_type = "persons", ...)



A fitted idealstan object (see id_estimate)


Can be one of 'persons' for person/legislator ideal points, 'obs_discrim' for non-inflated item (bill) discrimination scores, 'obs_diff' for non-inflated item (bill) difficulty scores, 'miss_discrim' for inflated item (bill) discrimination scores, and 'miss_diff' for inflated item (bill) difficulty scores.


Any additional arguments passed on to the extract function.

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