Man pages for sckott/SSOAP
Client-side SOAP access for S

convertFromSOAPConvert SOAP result to S object
genSOAPClientInterfaceCreate R functions to access SOAP server methods
getReturnNodeGet XML node from SOAP response
getSOAPTypeCompute the SOAP type identifier for an S object
isHTTPErrorDetermines if an error occurred in an HTTP communication
parseSOAPParse XML message
processWSDLRead and process a Web Service Description Language file
serverInformation about a programmatically generated function
SOAPInvoke a SOAP method
SOAPClientInterface-classRepresentation of machine-generated interface to SOAP methods...
SOAPDataData objects used in SSOAP
SOAPFaultCreate a SOAP Fault object
SOAPHandlersGet SOAP function handlers
SOAPHttpGetFunctions for making SOAP calls via HTTP GET or POST requests
SOAPNameSpacesGet SOAP namespace definitions
SOAPResultCreate an object to represent the raw result of a SOAP...
SOAPResult-classDescription of a the result of a SOAP request
SOAPServerCreate a SOAP server object
SOAPServer-classClasses for SOAP Server object
SOAPServerDescriptionConstructor for describing methods and data structures of a...
SOAPServerDescription-classDescription of a SOAP Server's methods and data types
SOAPType-classClasses for representing types for SOAP values
toSOAPConvert S object to SOAP format
writeInterfaceSerialize generated interface to a file
writeSOAPWrite SOAP message elements directly to connection
writeTypesOutput SOAP type information for an S object.
WSDLMethod-classDescription of a SOAP method
WSDLParseHandlersCreates functions for XML parser for processing...
WSSEAuth-classClass '"WSSEAuth"'
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