create_closed_network: Create Closed Network

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This function takes a vector of users (e.g. of the form c('seanchrismurphy', 'LydiaHayward2', 'katiehgreenaway')) and returns a data frame of friendship links between those users. By default, it will ignore users with more than 5000 friends, to save on computing time and remove celebrities. Also, at present, it will only retrieve the first 5000 friends from each user because paging has not been implemented. Note that because all friendship ties (users following other users) in a network are captured, this is the same as capturing all followership ties, but far more computationally efficient for people with many followers. Will pause when the rate limit is exceeded, so can be run on a large set of users, but will take about one minute per user. If running on larger networks like this, you may wish to alter the code to save at intervals.


create_closed_network(input, limit = 5000)



A vector of usernames or userids.


Defaults to 5000, anyone with more followers than this will be ignored.


Note that this function returns an adjacency matrix, which has to be converted to an actual network with the network function from the network package, or the graph_from_adjacency_matrix in igraph (though the data.frame will need to be converted to a matrix first)

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