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This function takes a data frame of tweets, cleans them with clean_tweets if that has not already been done, and compares each word to the NRC lexicon. It returns counts and a word count, which can be used to turn the raw counts into percentages at your discretion (often a good idea). It's important to note that this function only does exact matching to the NRC lexica, which often do not include stems. So you may which to optionally stem the tokens in the clean_tweets column to get more accurate counts, though this is a decision about which there is some debate (e.g. see Kern et al, 2016). Counts are returned at the tweet level, and will need to be aggregated to the person level if you have multiple tweets from each individual.


dictionary_count(tweets, clean = TRUE)



This is the input data.


Defaults to TRUE, which will clean the data with clean_tweets if there isn't a clean_text column. At present, the function will fail if this is set to FALSE and there is not a clean_tweets column in the data, so it's not much use, but left in for future adjustments.

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