target_load_clinical: load TARGET osteosarcoma data

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View source: R/clinical_data.R


This loads the data from the local system.file file. This file may or may not be the latest version. The current verion is from 20180107.




The clinical columns include:

TARGET USI, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Age at Diagnosis in Days, First Event, Time to First Event in Days, Vital Status, Overall Survival Time in Days, Year of Diagnosis, Year of Last Follow Up, Protocol, Disease at diagnosis, Metastasis site, Primary tumor site, Specific tumor site, Specific tumor side, Specific tumor region, Definitive Surgery, Primary site progression, Site of initial relapse, Time to first relapse in days, Time to first enrollment on relapse protocol in days, Time to first SMN in days, Time to death in days, Histologic response, Percent necrosis at Definitive Surgery, Relapse Type, Therapy, Comment, cohort




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