Man pages for serbinsh/biocro
Simulation of Energycane and Sugarcane

aciA/Ci curves
annualDBMiscanthus dry biomass data.
aqA/Q curves
BioCro-internalInternal BioCro functions
BioGroBiomass crops growth simulation
c3CanASimulates canopy assimilation for C3 canopies
c3photoSimulates C3 photosynthesis
c4photoCoupled photosynthesis-stomatal conductance simulation
CanASimulates canopy assimilation
CenturyThis function implements the Century model from Parton.
cmi0506Weather data
cmiWetWeather data
doy124Weather data
eC4photoC4 photosynthesis simulation (von Caemmerer model)
eCanASimulates canopy assimilation (von Caemmerer model)
EngWea94iWeather data corresponding to a paper by Clive Beale (see...
EngWea94rfWeather data corresponding to a paper by Clive Beale (see...
idbpInitial Dry Biomass Partitioning Coefficients
LayETWeather data
lightMESimulates the light macro environment
MCMCBioGroSimulated Annealing and Markov chain Monte Carlo for...
MCMCc4photoMarkov chain Monte Carlo for C4 photosynthesis parameters
MCMCEc4photoMarkov chain Monte Carlo for C4 photosynthesis parameters
mOpc3photoMultiple optimization of assimilation (or stomatal...
mOpc4photoMultiple optimization of C4 photosynthesis.
obsBeaMiscanthus assimilation field data
obsBeaCComplete Miscanthus assimilation field data
obsNaidMiscanthus assimilation data
OpBioGroOptimization of dry biomass partitioning coefficients.
Opc3photoOptimize parameters of the C3 photosynthesis model.
Opc4photoOptimization of C4 photosynthesis parameters
OpEC4photoOptimization of C4 photosynthesis parameters (von Caemmerer...
plotACPlotting function for A/Ci curves
plot.BioGroPlotting function for BioGro objects
plot.MCMCBioGroPlotting function fo the MCMCBioGro class
plot.MCMCc4photoPlotting function for MCMCc4photo objects
plot.MCMCEc4photoPlottin function for MCMCEc4photo objects
plot.mOpc3photoPlotting method
plot.mOpc4photoPlotting method
predict.Opc3photoPredict method
predict.Opc4photoPredict method
print.MCMCEc4photoPrint an MCMCEc4photo object
print.mOpc3photoPrinting method
print.mOpc4photoPrinting method
print.OpBioGroPrint an OpBioGro object
print.Opc3photoDisplay methods for Opc4photo and OpEC4photo
print.Opc4photoDisplay methods for Opc4photo and OpEC4photo
print.OpEC4photoPrint an OpEC4photo object
RmiscanmodRUE-based model to calculate miscanthus growth and yield.
RsqC4photoR-squared for C4 photosynthesis simulation (Collatz model)
RsqEC4photoR-squared for C4 photosynthesis simulation (von Caemmerer...
RssBioGroResidual sum of squares for BioGro.
RUEmodRadiation use efficiency based model
RUEmodMYRadiation use efficiency based model
simDat2Simulated biomass data.
SoilEvapoSoil Evaporation
soilMLsoil multi-layered
summary.Opc4photoThis function will implement simple calculations of predicted...
sunMLSunlit shaded multi-layer model
valid_dbpValidate dry biomass partitioning coefficients
WD1979Randomly picked dataset from the Illinois area from 1979
weachSimulates the hourly conditions from daily
weather05Weather data
weather06Weather data
wtrstrSimple function to illustrate soil water content effect on...
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