Man pages for shkonishi/rskoseq
This is my personal package of R functions for NGS data

degallDifferential Expression analysis using all combination
gc_readGC content per read
genome_summarySummary of genomic sequences from fasta file
gg_qaQuality assesment with ShortRead package and return ggplot...
kmer_cntCounting kmer of nucleotide sequence
maprateParse hisat2 log file
nxCalcuration of N50 and L50 from genome sequence.
project_rnsqCreate directory for RNA-seq pipeline
rep_hisat2Replicate execution of read alignment using hisat2
rep_rsemContinuous execution of sequence alignment using RSEM
rep_stringtieConsecutive execution of Transcript assembly and...
tmm_normNormarization of RNA-seq count data using tmm
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