Man pages for sizespectrum/mizerExperimental
Extends the mizer package with experimental features

abundanceControlControlling egg abundance in the tuning gadget
abundanceTabAbundance tab for tuning gadget
adjustBackgroundSpeciesRetunes abundance of background species.
alignResourceRescale resource to be in line with fish community
biomassTabBiomass tab for tuning gadget
catchTabServe tab with catch data
deathTabServe tab with death plots
dietTabServe tab with diet plot
distanceSSLogYieldMeasure distance between current and previous state in terms...
fishingControlControlling the fishing parameters in the tuning gadget
getYieldVsFCalculate a yield-vs-F curve
growthControlA single slider that adjusts both 'h' and 'gamma'
growthTabGrowth tab for tuning gadget inheritParams biomassTab
interactionControlControlling the interaction matrix in the tuning gadget
markBackgroundDesignate species as background species
mizerExperimental-packagemizerExperimental: Extends the mizer package with...
numberTabNumber tab for tuning gadget
otherControlControlling the species parameters not included in other...
plotBiomassRelativePlot change in biomass over time
plotBiomassVsSpeciesPlot the biomass against species
plotDeathPlot the sources of external, predation and fishing mortality...
plotEnergyBudgetPlot the energy budget of each species through size.
plotNumberVsSpeciesPlot the number against species
plotResourceLevelPlot the proportion of the resource spectrum(s) compared to...
plotResourcePredPlot the mortality applied on the resource spectrum(s)
plotSpectra2Show two size spectra in the same plot
plotSpectraRelativePlot the relative difference between two spectra
plotYieldRelativePlot change in yield over time
plotYieldVsFPlot a yield-vs-F curve
plotYieldVsSizePlot the size distribution of the catch
plotYieldVsSpeciesPlot the yield against species
predationControlControlling the predation parameters in the tuning gadget
pruneSpeciesRemoves species with abundance below a threshold
ratesTabServe tab with rates plots
removeBackgroundSpeciesRemove all background species
reproductionControlControlling the reproduction parameters in the tuning gadget
reproTabServe tab with plot of reproductive success rates
resourceControlControlling the resource parameters in the tuning gadget
resourceTabServe tab with resource plots
scaleAbundanceRescale Abundance
scaleDownBackgroundScale background down by a factor
singleSpeciesSteadySet initial abundances to single-species steady state...
spectraTabtuneParams tab showing size spectra
stomachTabServe tab with stomach data
tuneGrowthTune Growth
tuneParamsLaunch shiny gadget for tuning parameters
updateInitialValuesUpdate the initial values
validSimReturns a valid simulation by removing non-finite results
yieldCalculatorCalculates yield from steady sim
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