Man pages for skgrange/databaser
Tools to Keep Database Interaction Easy and Consistent

build_insert_statementsFunction to build 'INSERT INTO' SQL statements from a data...
build_update_statementsFunction to build SQL 'WHERE' statements from an input data...
db_analyseFunction to analyse/analyze a database table.
db_arrange_variablesFunction to arrange variables in a data frame to match those...
db_check_integrityFunction to test a SQLite database's integrity.
db.classFunction to determine database connection class/type.
db_clear_resultsFunction to clear results for a database connection.
db_commitFunction to commit transactions for a database connection.
db_connectFunction to create a database connection with a 'JSON'...
db_count_rowsFunction to get row counts from database tables.
db_count_variablesFunction to count variables/columns/fields in a database...
db_direct_insertFunction to connect and insert directly into a database.
db_direct_list_tablesFunction to connect and list a database's tables directly.
db_direct_readFunction to connect and read database table directly.
db_disconnectFunction to close a database connection cleanly.
db_drop_tableFunction to drop a table within a database.
db_duplicatesFunction to find duplicates in a database table's variable.
db_executeFunction to execute statements on a database.
db_getFunction to get/fetch data from a database with a statement.
db_has_duplicatesFunction to test if duplicates are contained in a database...
db_headFunction to get first _n_ rows of a database table.
db_information_schemaFunction to get schema information from a database.
db_insertFunction to insert a data frame into/as a database table (R...
db_kill_processFunction to kill a database process.
db_list_activitiesFunction to list activities/processes for a database.
db_list_constraintsFunction to list table constraints for a database.
db_list_data_typesFunction to list data types of database tables.
db_list_indicesFunction to list indices for a database tables.
db_list_resultsFunction to list results for a database connection.
db_list_schemasFunction to list schemas for a database.
db_list_tablesFunction to list database tables.
db_list_usersFunction to list users for a database.
db_list_variablesFunction to list all variables/columns/fields in a database...
db_nameFunction to get database name.
db_post_gis_versionFunction to return PostGIS version information from an...
db_read_tableFunction to read an entire database table.
db_sendFunction to send a statements to a database.
db_sizeFunction to get the size of a database.
db_sqlite_masterFunction to get SQLite 'sqlite_master' query.
db_table_existsFunction to test if database contains a table.
db_table_infoFunction to get SQLite table information ('PRAGMA...
db_table_namesFunction to get the names of database table and produce a...
db_truncate_tableFunction to run a 'TRUNCATE TABLE' statement for a database...
db_vacuumFunctions to vacuum, analyse, and optimise database tables.
db_value_existsFunction to test if a value exists in a database table's...
db_variablesFunction to return all variable names in all tables in a SQL...
db_versionFunction to get the version of a database service.
db_wildcard_checkFunction to test for wildcards and then raise an error if...
pipePseudo-function to re-export *magrittr*'s pipe.
read_sqlFunction to read a SQL script and store statments as a...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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