Man pages for smccord/terradactyl
Tools for Creating and Using TerrADat

aim_gdbBuild AIM Indicators Tables and Feature Classes
build.PKCreate valid PrimaryKey values
cover.indicatorsPercent Cover Indicators
gap.coverCalculate the number, length, and percent of gaps
gather_gapGather TerrADat Gap data into tall/long data frames
gather.heightConvert wide-format TerrADat height data to a tall, tidy...
gather_lpiGather TerrADat LPI data into tall/long data frames
gather_soilstabilityGather Soil Stability Data
gather.speciesGather species data
IIRHRangeland Health
mean.heightCalculate the vegetation height
pct.coverPercent cover
pipePipe operator
plot.querySelect plots using spatial extent
sagebrush_shapeSagebrush Shape
soil.stabilitySoil Stability Indicator Calculations
species_inventoryGather Species Inventory
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