Man pages for spo111/DynaMO
DynaMO predicts spatiotemporal binding of transcription factors

clsnumcountCalculate the number of clusters for K-means clustering
countmotifsegreadsCalculate numbers of reads overlapping motif sites
DynaMOPredicts spatiotemporal binding activities of transcription...
DynaMOsPredicts binding sites of transcription factors
fitfuncFit a curve of a dynamic pattern
get.motifRead motif sites
get.motifbinDivide motif sites into bins
get.readsImport aligned reads
innerprocalCalculate inner products of motif sites
motifbincountCount reads overlapping consecutive bins at motif sites
motifbinRFfdrCalculate the false discovery rates of motif sites
motifclstestFind motifs enriched in clustering
motifRFidFind motif sites for training random forest models
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