Man pages for statnet/EpiModelHIV
Network-Based Epidemic Modeling of HIV Transmission among MSM and Heterosexual Populations

acts_msmSexual Acts Module
aging_msmAging Module
apportion_lrApportion Least-Remainder Method
assign_degreeAssign Degree Vertex Attribute on Network Objects
base_nw_msmConstruct Base Network for Model Estimation and Simulation
births_msmBirths Module
calc_nwstats_msmCalculate Target Statistics for Network Model Estimation
cd4_hetCD4 Progression Module
condoms_msmCondom Use Module
control_hetControl Settings for Stochastic Network Model of HIV-1...
control_msmEpidemic Model Control Settings
deaths_msmDeath Module
disclose_msmDisclosure Module
edges_correct_msmAdjustment for the Edges Coefficient with Changing Network...
EpiModelHIV-packageNetwork-Based Epidemic Modeling of HIV Transmission among MSM...
estFitted Network Models for 10000 Person Network
get_argsGet Arguments from EpiModel Parameterization Functions
init_ccr5_msmSets the CCR5 genetic status of persons
InitErgmTerm.absdiffbyDefinition for absdiffby ERGM Term
InitErgmTerm.absdiffnodemixDefinition for absdiffnodemix ERGM Term
init_hetInitial Conditions for Stochastic Network Model of HIV-1...
initialize_msmInitialization Module
init_msmEpidemic Model Initial Conditions
init_status_msmInitialize the HIV status of persons in the network
ltGhanaLife Table for Ghana
make_nw_hetCalculate Network Statistics
param_hetParameters for Stochastic Network Model of HIV-1 Infection in...
param_msmEpidemic Model Parameters
position_msmPosition Module
prep_msmPrEP Module
prevalence_msmPrevalence Calculations within Time Steps
progress_msmDisease Progression Module
reallocate_pcpProportionally Reallocate PrEP Adherence Class Probability
reinit_hetReinitialization Module
reinit_msmRe-Initialization Module
remove_bad_roles_msmRemoves any sexual partnerships prohibited by sexual role...
riskhist_msmRisk History Module
simnet_msmNetwork Resimulation Module
sourceDirSource All Files in a Directory
stNetwork Statistics Network Models for 10000 Person Network
sti_recovSTI Recovery Module
sti_transSTI Transmission Module
sti_txSTI Treatment Module
test_msmHIV Testing Module
trans_msmTransmission Module
truncate_simTruncate Simulation Time Series
tx_msmTreatment Module
update_aiclass_msmUpdate Role Class in One-Off Partnerships
update_roleclass_msmUpdate Role Class in Main and Casual Partnerships
verbose_msmVerbose Module
vl_msmViral Load Module
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