Man pages for stevehoang/assayr
Tools for analyzing biochemical assay data.

anyBaseToDecimalConvert from anybase to decimal
coaCoA data from PureHoney.
coaPhotoBoothCoA Bar Plot for Compound Dose Response
drcBreaksDefine nice breaks for dose response curves
drcLabelsOverwrite lowest value label with "0" for dose response...
drcPhotoBoothDRC Curves in a standardized format
drcsFitted dose response models
fillNAsFill NAs in vector with neighboring values
geom_meanGeometric mean
geom_mean_seGeometric standard error of the mean
getCurvesGenerate y values in increments of a given x range.
getEC50Get the EC50 value of a 4-parmeter log-logistic function
getHillSlopeGet the Hill coefficient of a 4-parmeter log-logistic...
getLowerAsymGet the y value of the lower asymptote in a 4-parmeter...
getMetaDataImport meta data
getUpperAsymGet the y value of the upper asymptote in a 4-parmeter...
getYBoundsGet the bottom and top of a log-logistic curve in a given x...
inversePredLL4Predict x from y in a 4-parameter log-logistic model
inversePredLmPredict x from y in a linear model
makeCIsBuild plot-ready confidence intervals
makeLogFCsCalculate log fold changes and associated p-values.
makeSerialDilutionMake a vector of serially halved values.
meltPlateMelt a data frame from plate format to long format
meltPlateXlsxRead xlsx data in plate format and convert to long format
newZerosConvert concentrations of zero to non-zero values in dose...
outputPlotsAsPdfsExport plots
outputPlotsAsPngsExport plots
predDRCPredict y from x in a log-logistic model
readCFXGeneric parser for Biorad CFX thermocycler
readFLUOstarGeneric parser for Omega FluoStar plate analyzer
readMolDevParser for Molecular Devices Output
readPHAssayGeneric parser for PureHoney Assay layouts
readPHRawPureHoney Assay Result Reader
robustifyDrcMake a robust DRC estimate using a method based on Nguyen et...
robustyBastard child of 'robustifyDRC()'
theme_assayrComplete theme for assay report default
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