Man pages for sysbio-curie/cBioFetchR
Extract data from cBioPortal in a way that they can easily be exported to NaviCell

cBioConnectCreate a connection to c-Bioportal API
cBioDataSetRetrieve a dataset from c-Bioportal
cBioFetchR-packageVisualize profiling data on a NaviCell map
cBioNCvizCreate NCviz object from a c-Bioportal study
cBioStudyRetrieve data and annotations from a c-Bioportal study
importStudyImport a study from a file
listStudiesList of c-Bioportal studies
NCdisplayDisplay data on a NaviCell map
NCviz-classBiological profilin data visualisation
saveDataSave the data in one files.
saveInFilesSave the data in several files.
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