Man pages for syspremed/PanNETassigner
A cross-species analysis in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors reveals molecular subtypes with distinctive clinical, metastatic, developmental, and metabolic characteristics.

CrossSpeciesCombatA function for merging expression data from human and mouse...
CrossSpeciesCombat.orderedOrdered samples across species for Combat.
enrichPerforms hypergeometric test of association between miR...
EnrichmentAnalysis.labels1The PanNETassinger-miR subtypes for enrichment analysis.
EnrichmentAnalysis.labels2The PanNETassinger-mRNA subtypes for enrichment analysis.
human.dataHuman PanNET core clinical gene expression dataset.
MLPvsotherFind gene signature associated with combined MLP-1 and MLP-2...
MLPvsother.IndataCombined MLP-1 and MLP-2 subtypes vs other subtypes from core...
MLPvsother.IndlabdataMlp vs others NMF labels.
mouse.dataMouse gene expression dataset.
nmfconsensusNon matrix factorization (NMF)
PanNETassigner-packageA cross-species analysis in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors...
PanNETsubtypesmicRNAPanNET subtyping based on core clinical miR expression data.
PanNETsubtypesmicRNA.IndatamicRNA expression data
PanNETsubtypesmicRNAValValidation of micRNA expression PanNET subtypes using miR...
PanNETsubtypesmicRNAVal.IndatamicRNA expression validation data
PanNETsubtypesmicRNAVal.IndSAMdataPanNETassigner micRNA expression signature.
PanNETsubtypesmRNAPanNET subtyping based on mRNA expression data.
PanNETsubtypesmRNA.IndatamRNA expression data
PanNETsubtypesmRNAValValidation of gene expression PanNET subtypes using gene...
PanNETsubtypesmRNAVal.IndataGene expression validation dataset for PanNET subtypes.
PanNETsubtypesmRNAVal.IndSAMdataPanNETassigner gene expression signature.
screenExprScreens data from the original expression files
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