Man pages for tallulandrews/TreeOfCells
Inferring the Tree of Cells

calculate_summary_valuesCalculate Summary Statistics
convert_to_integerTurn a matrix of expression values into integer counts
fit_ZINBCalculate Summary Statistics
row_mean_aggregateRow Means/Variances by Factor
Sim_add_dropoutsAdds dropouts to a vector of simulated counts
Sim_childmeansCalculate Child Mean Expression
Sim_fit_gammaFit a gamma distribution to observed data
Sim_rndtreeCreate a random tree
Sim_simstfinishSimulate data from a tree.
Sim_simtreeSimulate data from a tree.
Sim_treecellsGenerate the mean expression of genes through a tree
Sim_treemeansGenerate the mean expression of genes through a tree
Sim_ZINBSimulate counts from a zero-inflated negative binomial.
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