Man pages for tdhock/animint2
Animated Interactive Grammar of Graphics

addShowSelectedForLegendAdd a showSelected aesthetic if legend is specified
addSSandCSasAestheticsAdd the showSelected/clickSelects params to the aesthetics...
animint2dirCompile and render an animint in a local directory
animint2gistConvert a list of ggplots to an interactive animation and...
animintOutputShiny ui output function
checkAnimationTimeVarCheck animation variable for errors
checkExtraParamsCheck 'extra_params' argument for duplicates, non-named list
checkForSSandCSasAestheticsCheck if showSelected and clickSelects have been used as...
checkPlotForAnimintExtensionsPerforms error checking on the plot for animint extensions
checkPlotListCheck plot.list for errors
checkSingleShowSelectedValueIssue warnings for non interactive plots where there is only...
colsNotToCopyFilter out columns that do not need to be copied
geom_tallrectggplot2 geom with xmin and xmax aesthetics that covers the...
geom_widerectggplot2 geom with ymin and ymax aesthetics that covers the...
getCommonChunkSave the common columns for each tsv to one chunk
getLayerNameGives a unique name to each layer in 'saveLayer'
getLayerParamsGet all parameters for a layer
getLegendFunction to get legend information for each scale
getLegendListFunction to get legend information from ggplot
getUniqueAxisLabelsGet unique axis labels for the plot
is.rgbCheck if character is an RGB hexadecimal color value
issueSelectorWarningsIssue warnings for selectors
knit_print.animintInsert an interactive animation into an R markdown document...
make_barConvenience function for an interactive bar that might...
make_tallrectMake a clickSelects geom_tallrect that completely tiles the x...
make_tallrect_or_widerectMake a clickSelects geom_widerect or geom_tallrect that...
make_textConvenvience function for a showSelected plot label.
make_widerectMake a clickSelects geom_widerect that completely tiles the y...
merge_recurseMerge a list of data frames.
newEnvironmentEnvironment to store meta data
parsePlotConvert a ggplot to a list. 'pt' value to 'lines'
renderAnimintCreate an animint output element
run_servrSpawn a child R session that runs a 'blocking' command
saveChunksSplit data set into chunks and save them to separate files.
saveLayerSave a layer to disk, save and return meta-data.
scale_size_animintScale point sizes using circle area, but specifying the...
selectSSandCSSeparate .variable/.value selectors
setPlotSizesSet plot width and height for all plots
split.xSplit data.frame into recursive list of data.frame.
switch_axesFlip axes in case of coord_flip Switches column names. Eg....
tests_exitKill child process(es) that may have been initiated in...
tests_initInitiate external processes necessary for running tests.
tests_runRun animint tests
theme_animinttheme for passing animint specific params
toRGBConvert R colors to RGB hexadecimal color values
transform_shapeFunction to transform R shapes into d3 shapes...
varied.chunkExtract subset for each data.frame in a list of data.frame
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