An R package focused on calculation of characteristics and performing simulations for water reservoirs.



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Getting started

Create a wateres object from vectors of reservoir inflow and corresponding dates (an example input file is located in tests/testthat) and then use its methods to get some characteristics and estimations:

riv = as.wateres("rivendell.txt", 14.4e6, 754e3)
riv = set_evaporation(riv, altitude = 529)
series = calc_series(riv, yield = 0.14)
plot(series, riv, "flow")
plot(series, riv, "storage")
chars = summary(riv)
sry = sry(riv, reliab = 0.5, yield = 0.14)
prob_field = prob_field(riv, c(0.1, 0.9, 0.99), 0.14)
plot(prob_field, "storage")

Use cases

The package can be used to calculate: - long-term water balance of reservoirs and their systems, - water reservoir characteristics to estimate its efectiveness, - deficit volumes for individual catchments and reservoirs and their systems, - flood wave transformation.

Further reading

Current capabilities of the package are described in the Reservoir Characteristics and System of Reservoirs vignettes.

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