Man pages for tgmwri/wateres
Characteristics and Simulations for Water Reservoirs

alpha_beta.wateresCalculation of alpha and beta characteristics
as.catchmentCatchment with water reservoirs creation
as.catchment_systemCreation of system of catchments
as.systemSystem of water reservoirs creation
as.wateresWater reservoir creation
calc_catchment_system.catchment_systemCalculation of system of catchments with reservoirs
calc_series.wateresCalculation of reservoir time series
calc_system.wateres_systemCalculation of system of reservoirs
check.wateres_systemCheck of system of reservoirs
fill_time.wateresReservoir filling time
plot.wateres_alpha_betaPlot of alpha and beta characteristics
plot.wateres_prob_fieldPlot of probability field
plot.wateres_seriesPlot of reservoir time series
prob_field.wateresCalculation of probability fields
resize_input.wateresReservoir input time series resize
set_evaporation.wateresEvaporation setting or calculation
set_precipitation.wateresPrecipitation setting
set_property.wateresReservoir property setting
set_routing.catchmentRouting of catchment outflow setting
set_routing.wateresRouting of reservoir yield setting
set_wateruse.wateresWater use setting
sry.wateresCalculation of storage, reliability and yield
summary.wateresWater reservoir summary
wateresCharacteristics and Simulations for Water Reservoirs
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