Man pages for th-zelniker/TIMI

calculate_MDECalculate minimal detectable effect for binary variable
calculate_MDE_biomarkerCalculate minimal detectable effect for a continuous variable
calculate_powerCalculate Power
delta_relInteraction effect relative to the effect size for the total...
dispersion_nbEstimate the negative binomial dispersion parameter k...
find_total_HRCalculate the HR of the Total Cohort given HRs, Number of Pts...
format_pvalFormat p-values
get_ARR_confintCalculate Absolute Risk Difference, the SE, and confidence...
meta_interaction_termCalculate the interaction term incl. 95 Percent-CI when the...
number_events_CoxCalculate number of events
number_events_NICalculate number of events for NI-trials
power_CoxCalculate Power
power_nbCalculate sample size or power for comparing 2 negative...
power_subgroupCalculate power for subgroup interaction
required_eventsCalculate number of events
required_events_biomarkerCalculate number of events
required_events_NICalculate number of events for NI-trials
round2Rounding of Numbers
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