Man pages for thej022214/hisse
Hidden State Speciation and Extinction

GeoHiSSEHidden Geographic State Speciation and Extinction
GetModelWeightCompute model weights
hisseHidden State Speciation and Extinction
hisseNull4Four state trait-independent Hidden State Speciation and...
marginReconAncestral State Estimation based on Marginal Reconstruction
marginReconGeoSSEAncestral State Estimation based on Marginal Reconstruction...
modelAveEqFreqsModel average equlibrium frequencies
modelAveRatesModel average rates at tips and nodes
plotGeoHiSSEPlotting function geohisse.states objects
plotHissePlotting function hisse.states objects
simToPhyloConvert simulated result to a tree
SimulateGeoHiSSESimulate under a GeoHiSSE model
simulateHisseSimulate under a HiSSE model
supportRegionAdaptive Sampling of the Likelihood Surface
supportRegionGeoSSEAdaptive Sampling of the Likelihood Surface under GeoSSE
TranslateParsMakerGeoHiSSEKey to translate GeoHiSSE into ClaSSE
transMatTransition Rate matrix generator
transMatMakerGeoHiSSETransition Rate matrix generator for the GeoHiSSE model
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