Man pages for thijsjanzen/enviDiv

calc_fitcalculate the overall fit of the particle to the data
calc_sum_statscalculate summary statistics for a focal tree. The following...
calculate_weightFunction to calculate the weight of a particle. The weight...
create_reference_tablefunction to perform ABC-SMC
create_tree_cppsimulate a tree using environmental diversification
generate_from_priorfunction to perform ABC-SMC
generate_naivefunction to perform ABC-SMC
generate_stackfunction to perform ABC-SMC
generate_waterGenerate a sequence of waterlevel changes, depending on the...
infer_paramsfunction to perform ABC-SMC
is_within_priorfunction to determine if the parameter combination is within...
mutate_paramsperturbate all parameters
param_from_priordraw parameter combinations from the prior
param_from_prior_expdraw parameter combinations from the prior
read_reference_tablecollect reference table based on previously generated...
sim_envidiv_treesimulate a tree using the environmental diversification model
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