Man pages for tibo31/GeoXp
Interactive Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis

angleplotmapDetection of an eventual directional trend
barmapInteractive Bar plot and map
barnbmapBar plot of the number of neighbour and map
boxplotmapInteractive boxplot and map
carteDrawing a map
choix.bubbleSelection of a variable before plotting bubbles
choix.couleurSelection of colors before plotting map
choixvarfuncSelection of a variable before plotting bubbles
clustermapClassification of dataset using kmeans or hclust algorithm...
dbledensitymapDouble Kernel density estimates and map
dblehistomapDouble Interactive Histogram and map
densitymapKernel density estimates and map
driftmapInteractive driftplot and map
genpcaGeneralized Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
GeoXp-packageInteractive exploratory spatial data analysis
giniCalculates a Gini Index
ginimapLorentz curve and map
graphiqueDrawing a graphic
histnbmapInteractive histogram of the distances between two neighbors...
histobarmapHistogram, barplot and map
histomapInteractive Histogram and map
immobSome price indices of real estate from biggest cities in...
makeneighborswSpatial weight matrix
misolationmapInteractive multivariate isolation plot and map
moranplotmapMoran scatterplot and map
mp.schoolMidi-pyrennees school school agreggated to the pseudo-canton levels
mvariocloudmapInteractive multivariate variocloud and map
neighbourmapNeighbour plot and map
nonormmoranDetection of spatial autocorrelation
normwRow-normalize a spatial weight matrix
pcamapGeneralized Principal Component Analysis and map
plot3dmapInteractive Plot3d and map
polyboxplotmapInteractive polyboxplot and map
polylist2listExtract from a polylist object the vertices of the polygons
rotationTransform coordinates of sites using a rotation
scattermapInteractive scatterplot and map
selectgraphSelection of an additionnal grah
selectmapSelection of a point or polygon on a scatterplot
selectstatSelection of values on a graphic
slider1Scroll bar
spdf2listExtract from a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object the middle...
variocloudmapInteractive variocloud and map
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