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Standardize, Evaluate, and Adjust Demographic Data

adjustAgeProportionally adjust population or death counts by age to a...
ADMMean absolute difference in survival rates.
age2ageNrepeat age lower bounds once for each single age
age2intInfer age class intervals from lower age bounds.
AGENTrim two age vectors to matching N-year age groups.
ageRatioScoreCalculate the PAS age ratio score
ageSexAccuracyCalculate an age-sex accuracy index
ageSexAccuracyDasGuptaCalculate Das Gupta's (1995) age sex accuracy index
agesmthSmooth populations in 5-year age groups using various methods
agesmth1Generic smoother over age or time
aomegaMortalityLawsLife expectancy in the open age group.
arriaga_smthE. Arriaga's method of population count smoothing
avg_adjcalculate average of vector elements adjacent to and...
ax.greville.mortpakUN version of the Greville formula for a(x) from M(x)
axPASPAS a(x) rule of thumb.
axUNUN a(x) estimates from either M(x), q(x), or both
Bachicalculate Bachi's index of age heaping
beersThe ordinary modified Beers splitting methods
beersExpandCreate the Beers ordinary or modified coefficient matrix
birthCohortsCreate the historical birth cohorts for a census.
calcAgeAbrCalculate which abridged age group single ages belong to.
calcAgeNCalculate which large age group single ages belong to.
carrier_farrag_smthThe Carrier-Farrag method of population count smoothing
CoaleLiCoale-Li age heaping index
coef.extra_mortalitycoef function for extra_mortality method
dec.dateConvert date to decimal year fraction.
DemoTools-packageDemoTools: Standardize, Evaluate, and Adjust Demographic Data
dth5_zigzagDeaths by 5 year age groups
extra_mortalityExtrapolate old-age human mortality curve using mortality...
five_year_roughnessEvaluate roughness of data in 5-year age groups
geta0CDCoale-Demeny a(0) as function of m(0), region, and sex.
geta1_4CDCoale-Demeny 4a1 as function of M(0), region, and sex.
getModelLifeTableWrapper to provide a single location to reference all model...
grabillThe basic Grabill age-splitting method
grabillExpandCreate the Grabill coefficient matrix.
groupAgesGroup single ages into equal age groups of arbitrary width
groupOAGGroup down to a new open age class.
heapifyInduce heaping on terminal digits 0 and 5
IDIndex of dissimilarity
inferAgeIntAbrInfer abridged age groups widths.
int2ageInfer lower age bounds from age class intervals.
int2ageNrepeat age lower bounds once for each single age
interpInterpolate between two population age distributions.
interpolatePopInterpolate between two population age distributions.
IRDIndex of relative difference.
is_abridgedDetect if a vector of lower age bounds is plausibly of...
is_LeapYearDetermine whether a year is a leap year.
is_singleLogical checking of whether age classes appear single.
JdanovCalculate Jdanov's old-age heaping index
johnsonAdjustAdjust ages under 10 using a modification of Beers
KannistoHeapKannisto's age heaping index
kkn_smthKarup-King-Newton method of population count smoothing
loess_smth1Wrapper to LOESS using demographic data.
LTabrCalculate an abridged-age lifetable.
lx2dxDerive lifetable deaths from survivorship.
Lx2TxDerive lifetable total person years left to live from...
lxdxax2LxDerive lifetable exposure from lx, ndx and nax.
M04_2_D0rule of thumb for splitting infants from deaths under 5
M04_2_M0rule of thumb for estimating infant mortality rate from under...
maA simple centered moving average function.
mavCalculate the moving average (mav) over 3 or 5 years.
mav_smthSmooth in 5-year age groups using a moving average
maxA2abridgedDetermine abridged ages up to a given maximum age group.
monoCloseoutblend the Sprague upper boundary age estimates into monotonic...
mx2qxDerive nqx from nMx and nax.
mxax2qxDerive nqx from nMx and nax.
mxax2qx_Backstopadjust ax estimate so that qx less than or equal to 1
mxorqx2axwrapper to invoke PAS or UN ax methods given qx or mx
MyersCalculate Myer's blended index of age heaping
names2agedetect ages from names of vector(s)
Noumbissicalculate Noumbissi's digit heaping index
OPAG_simpleredistripute an open age group count over higher ages...
poly_smth1Fit a polynomial to demographic data
pop1m_indIndian male population 1991
pop1m_pasexMale population by 1 year age groups
pop5_matMatrix of population over 5 years
pop5m_pasexMale population by 5 year age groups
popA_earlierAbridged population from PAS AGEINT - earlier
popA_laterAbridged population from PAS AGEINT - later
print.extra_mortalityPrint function for extra_mortality method
qx2lxDerive lifetable survivorship (lx) from death probabilities.
qxax2mxDerive nMx from nqx and nax.
qxmx2axDerive nax from nqx and nMx.
ratxTake consecutive ratios of a vector.
RDMMean absolute difference in age-ratios of survival rates.
rescaleAgeGroupsrescale counts in age groups to match counts in different age...
rescale.vectorRescale a vector proportionally to a new sum.
rlogLogging that does not cause jams.
sexRatioScoreCalculate the PAS sex ratio score
shift.vectorShift a vector left or right.
simplify.textconvert strings to concatenation of lower case alphabet
spencerSmoothing of an age structure by single years using Spencer's...
splitMonoSplit age groups using a monotonic spline.
splitOscillateAn oscillatory average of age splits.
splitUniformConvert arbitrary age groupings into single years of age.
SpoorenbergSpoorenberg's total modified Whipple index
spragueThe basic Sprague age-splitting method.
spragueExpandCreate the Sprague coefficient matrix.
strong_smthA strong method of population count smoothing
surv10Estimate survival curve from censuses spaced 10 years apart.
surv5Estimate survival curve from censuses spaced 5 years apart.
survNEstimate survival curve from censuses spaced N years apart.
survRatioErrorCensus survival estimation
T9R5LFeeney'S formula on 9 years to correct for heaping on...
united_nations_smthThe old United Nations method of population count smoothing
WhippleCalculate Whipple's index of age heaping
ypartDetermine the proportion of a year passed as of a particular...
zelnikZelnik 11-term moving average to adjust for digit preference.
zero_pref_sawtoothDetect if heaping is worse on terminal digits 0s than on 5s
zigzagG. Feeney's method of removing the zigzag from counts in...
zigzag_minObjective function to minimize Feeney's zigzag method...
zigzag_pSmooth population counts using Feeney's zigzag method and...
zigzag_smthG. Feeney's method of smoothing counts in 5-year age groups.
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