Man pages for tkostas/komics
Tools to analyze omics data

above_thresholdCalculate number of observations above a certain threshold
add_groups_colAdd group names based on experiment name
add_keyAdd key column in the begining of your dataframe.
append_cols_dfAppend extra columns to a dataframe
calc_aov_padjPerform ANOVA, calculate p-values and adjust for multiple...
calc_CV_vecCalculate CV for one vector
calc_exp_dfCalculate exponential values from a dataframe
calc_exp_vecCalculate exponential base^x from a vector
calc_fold_change_dfCalculate fold change
calc_kruskal_testPerform Kruskal-Wallis rank sum test in multiple rows and...
calc_log2_dfCalculate log2 values in a dataframe
calc_log2_vecCalculate log2 from a vector
calc_means_dfCalculate means
calc_row_frequencyCalculate row frequencies
calc_TICCalculate sum of peptide intensities
calc_ttest_padjPerform t-test and adjust p-values
convert_to_dfConvert selected values from a dataframe
drop_columnsRemove columns from a dataframe
extract_entriesExtract the entries of a dataframe that match specific rules
get_col_indexesGet column indexes of a dataframe
HDX_ltseries_uptake_ratioCalculate deuterioum uptake ration between the multiple time...
kwd_enrichmentTest for keyword enrichment in the differentially...
kwd_enrichment_multiKeyword enrichment for multiple categories
move_columnsMove columns in a dataframe
norm_to_maxNormalize rows to the maximum value
over_underLabel each row based on specific rules
plot_bar_listPlot frequencies in a barplot (use in combination with...
plot_kwd_barsPlot keywords after enrichment test as bargraph
plot_kwd_linesPlot keywords after enrichment test as lines
plot_volcCreate volcano plot
scale_rowsScale rows
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