Man pages for trevorld/piecepack
Board Game Graphics

aabb_pieceCalculate axis-aligned bounding box for set of game pieces
animate_pieceAnimate board game pieces
basicPieceGrobsPiece Grob Functions
font_utilsFont utility functions
game_systemsStandard game systems
geometry_utilsHelper functions for making geometric calculations.
geom_pieceDraw board game pieces with ggplot2
grid.cropmarkCrop Mark Grob
grid.pieceDraw board game pieces with grid
obj_fnsAlternative Wavefront OBJ file generators
op_transformOblique projection helper function
pieceCreate rayrender board game piece objects
piece3dRender board game pieces with rgl
piece_meshCreate rayvertex board game piece objects
piecepackr-defunctDefunct functions
piecepackr-packagepiecepackr: Board Game Graphics
pmap_pieceCreate graphics using data frame input
pp_cfgConfiguration list R6 object
pp_shapeShape object for generating various grobs
pp_utilsMiscellaneous 'piecepackr' utility functions
render_pieceRender image of game pieces
save_piece_imagesSave piecepack images
save_piece_objSave Wavefront OBJ files of board game pieces
save_print_and_playSave piecepack print-and-play (PnP) file
scale_pieceggplot2 game diagram scales
spdx_license_listSPDX License List data
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