save_print_and_play: Save piecepack print-and-play (PnP) file

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Save piecepack print-and-play (PnP) file


Save piecepack print-and-play (PnP) file


  cfg = getOption("piecepackr.cfg", pp_cfg()),
  output_filename = "piecepack.pdf",
  size = c("letter", "A4", "A5", "4x6"),
  pieces = NULL,
  arrangement = c("single-sided", "double-sided"),
  dev = NULL,
  dev.args = list(family = cfg$fontfamily, onefile = TRUE, units = "in", bg = "white",
    res = 300),
  quietly = FALSE,
  bleed = FALSE,
  size_bleed = NULL



Piecepack configuration list or pp_cfg object


Filename for print-and-play file


PnP output size (currently supports either "letter", "A4", "A5", or "4x6"). This is the targeted “trim” size of the print-and-play file (size_bleed can be used to make the print-and-play file larger than this). Size "4x6" currently only supports pieces = "piecepack" and doesn't support bleed = TRUE. "A5" is in “portrait” mode whereas the other sizes are in “landscape” mode.


Character vector of desired PnP pieces. Supports "piecepack", "matchsticks", "pyramids", "subpack", or "all". If NULL and combination of size / bleed values supports "matchsticks" and "pyramids" then defaults to c("piecepack", "pyramids", "matchsticks") else just "piecepack".


Either "single-sided" or "double-sided". Ignored if size = "4x6".


Graphics device function to use. If NULL infer a reasonable choice.


Additional arguments to pass to dev (besides filename, width, and height). Will filter out any names that aren't in formals(dev).


Whether to hide messages about missing metadata in the provided configuration.


Currently ignored.


If TRUE produce a variant print-and-play file with "bleed" zones and "crop marks" around game pieces. Currently only supports pieces = "piecepack" and doesn't support size = "4x6".


A list with names "top", "right", "bottom", "left" containing numeric values indicating the inches "bleed" to add to the size of the print-and-play layout. The default NULL means no such bleed added to "letter", "A4", "A5" layouts and a small bleed added to "4x6" layouts (1/16" to top/bottom and 3/32" to left/right). NB. multiply millimeters by 0.0393700787 to convert to inches. We currently don't support an asymmetric left/right bleed combined with arrangement = "double-sided".


# May take more than 5 seconds on CRAN servers
if (capabilities("cairo")) {
  cfg <- pp_cfg(list(invert_colors.suited=TRUE))
  cfg$description <- 'Piecepack with an "inverted" color scheme.'
  cfg$title <- '"Inverted" piecepack'
  cfg$copyright <- "\u00a9 2022 Trevor L Davis.  Some Right Reserved."
  cfg$spdx_id <- "CC-BY-4.0"
  cfg$credit <- ""

  file <- tempfile("my_pnp_file", fileext = ".pdf")
  file_ds <- tempfile("my_pnp_file_ds", fileext = ".pdf")
  file_a4 <- tempfile("my_pnp_file_a4", fileext = ".pdf")
  file_a5 <- tempfile("my_pnp_file_a5", fileext = ".pdf")

  save_print_and_play(cfg, file)
  save_print_and_play(cfg, file_ds, arrangement="double-sided")
  save_print_and_play(cfg, file_a4, size="A4", pieces="all")
  save_print_and_play(cfg, file_a5, size="A5")

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