Man pages for tribuzio/ABLXtag
Analysis of Microwave Telemetry PSAT tag data

ABLXtag-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
animapFucntion to animate the results of the itersf function
CI2shp_bootCreates confidence interval polygons based on results of...
get.bath.dataDowload bathymetric coverage
getMWTarchFunction to extract MWT archived tag data from excel...
itersfFunction that repeats kftrack and btrack through multiple...
kftrackKalman filter model estimation of geolocation, wrapper for...
make.btrackBackground function that operates within make.btrack
month.colorsObject with monthly colors, can be adapted as desired
plot.btrackPlots the bathymetric corrected estimated locations
prepbPrepares kftrack results for the btrack function
prepf_archFunction cleans up tag data to prepare it to run in kftrack
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