Man pages for trinker/qdap2
Bridging the gap between qualitative data and quantitative analysis

abbreviationsSmall Abbreviations Data Set
action.verbsAction Word List
adjacency_matrixTakes a Matrix and Generates an Adjacency Matrix
adverbAdverb Word List
all_wordsSearches Text Column for Words
bag.o.wordsBag of Words
blank2NAReplace Blanks in Data Frame
bracketXBracket Parsing
BuckleySaltonSWLBuckley & Salton Stopword List
capitalizerCapitalize Select Words
cleanRemove Escaped Characters
cm_code.blankBlank Code Transformation
cm_code.combineCombine Codes
cm_code.excludeExclude Codes
cm_code.overlapFind Co-occurrence Between Codes
cm_code.transformTransform Codes
cm_combine.dummyFind Co-occurrence Between Codes
cm_df2longTransform Codes to Start-End Durations
cm_df.fillRange Coding
cm_df.tempBreak Transcript Dialogue into Blank Code Matrix
cm_df.transcriptTranscript With Word Number
cm_distanceDistance Matrix Between Codes
cm_dummy2longConvert cm_combine.dummy Back to Long
cm_long2dummyStretch and Dummy Code cm_xxx2long
cm_range2longTransform Codes to Start-End Durations
cm_range.tempRange Code Sheet
cm_time2longTransform Codes to Start-End Times
cm_time.tempTime Span Code Sheet
colSplitSeparate a Column Pasted by paste2
colsplit2dfWrapper for colSplit that Returns Dataframe(s)
commonFind Common Words Between Groups
common.listlist Method for common
contractionsContraction Conversions
convertConvert Seconds to h:m:s
DATAFictitious Classroom Dialogue
DATA2Fictitious Repeated Measures Classroom Dialogue
data_viewingDataframe Viewing
DICTIONARYNettalk Corpus Syllable Data Set
dir_mapMap Transcript Files from a Directory to a Script
dissimilarityDissimilarity Statistics
distTabSPSS Style Frequency Tables
diversityDiversity Statistics
duplicatesFind Duplicated Words in a Text String
emoticonEmoticons Data Set
end_incTest for Incomplete Sentences
end_markSentence End marks
env.sylSyllable Lookup Environment
env.synSyllable Lookup Environment
excludeExclude Elements From a Vector
file_handlingEasy File Handling
formalityFormality Score
ganttGenerate Unit Spans
gantt_plotGantt Plot
gantt_repGenerate Unit Spans for Repeated Measures
gantt_wrapGantt Plot
hashHash/Dictionary Lookup
imperativeIntuitively Remark Sentences as Imperative
incomplete.replaceDenote Incomplete End Marks With "|"
increase.amplification.wordsAmplifying Words
justificationText Justification
key_mergeMerge Demographic Information with Person/Text Transcript
kullback.leiblerKullback Leibler Statistic
labMTLanguage Assessment by Mechanical Turk (labMT) Sentiment...
lookupHash Table/Dictionary Lookup
mraja1Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 Dialogue Merged with Demographics
mraja1splRomeo and Juliet: Act 1 Dialogue Merged with Demographics and...
multicsvRead/Write Multiple csv Files at a Time
multigsubMultiple gsub
multiscaleNested Standardization
NAerReplace Missing Values (NA)
negation.wordsNegating Words
negative.wordsNegative Words
OnixTxtRetToolkitSWL1Onix Text Retrieval Toolkit Stopword List 1
outlier.detectDetect Outliers in Text
outlier.labelerLocate Outliers in Numeric String
paste2Paste an Unspecified Number Of Text Columns
plot.character.tablePlots a character.table Object
plot.diversityPlots a diversity object
plot.formalityPlots a formality Object
plot.polarityPlots a polarity Object
plot.pos.byPlots a Object
plot.question_typePlots a question_type Object
plot.termcoPlots a termco object
plot.word_statsPlots a word_stats object
polarityPolarity Score (Sentiment Analysis)
posParts of Speech Tagging
positive.wordsPositive Words
potential_NASearch for Potential Missing Values
prepositionPreposition Words
print.adjacency_matrixPrints an adjacency_matrix Object
print.character.tablePrints a character.table object
print.cm_distancePrints a cm_distance Object
print.colsplit2dfPrints a colsplit2df Object.
print.dissimilarityPrints a dissimilarity object
print.diversityPrints a diversity object
print.formalityPrints a formality Object
print.kullback.leiblerPrints a kullback.leibler Object.
print.polarityPrints a polarity Object
print.posPrints a pos Object.
print.pos.byPrints a Object.
print.question_typePrints a question_type object
print.termcoPrints a termco object.
print.v.outerPrints a v.outer Object.
print.word_associatePrints a word_associate object
print.word_listPrints a word_list Object
print.word_statsPrints a word_stats object
propConvert Raw Numeric Matrix or Data Frame to Proportions
qcombineCombine Columns
qcvQuick Character Vector
qdapqdap: Quantitative Discourse Analysis Package
qheatQuick Heatmap
qprepQuick Preparation of Text
question_typeCount of Question Type
rajRomeo and Juliet (Unchanged & Complete)
raj.act.1Romeo and Juliet: Act 1
raj.act.2Romeo and Juliet: Act 2
raj.act.3Romeo and Juliet: Act 3
raj.act.4Romeo and Juliet: Act 4
raj.act.5Romeo and Juliet: Act 5
raj.demographicsRomeo and Juliet Demographics
rajPOSRomeo and Juliet Split in Parts of Speech
rajSPLITRomeo and Juliet (Complete & Split)
rank_freq_plotRank Frequency Plot
ReadabilityReadability Measures
read.transcriptRead Transcripts Into R
replace_abbreviationReplace Abbreviations
replace_contractionReplace Contractions
replace_numberReplace Numbers With Text Representation
replacerReplace Cells in a Matrix or Data Frame
replace_symbolReplace Symbols With Word Equivalents
rm_rowRemove Rows That Contain Markers
scrubberClean Imported Text
SearchSearch Columns of a Data Frame
sentSplitSentence Splitting
space_fillReplace Spaces
spasteAdd Leading/Trailing Spaces
speakerSplitBreak and Stretch if Multiple Persons per Cell
stemmerStem Text
stopwordsRemove Stopwords
stripStrip Text
strWrapWrap Character Strings to Format Paragraphs
SYNONYMSynonyms Data Set
synonymsSearch For Synonyms
termcoSearch For and Count Terms
termco.cCombine Columns from a termco Object
text2colorMap Words to Colors
Top100WordsFry's 100 Most Commonly Used English Words
Top200WordsFry's 200 Most Commonly Used English Words
Top25WordsFry's 25 Most Commonly Used English Words
trans.cloudWord Clouds by Grouping Variable
trans.vennVenn Diagram by Grouping Variable
TrimRemove Leading/Trailing White Space
url_dlDownload Instructional Documents
v.outerVectorized Version of outer
word_associateFind Associated Words.
word.countWord Counts
word_diff_listDifferences In Word Use Between Groups
Word_Frequency_MatrixWord Frequency Matrix
word_listRaw Word Lists/Frequency Counts Network Plot
word_statsDescriptive Word Statistics
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