Defines functions generate_new_lookup

Documented in generate_new_lookup

#' Generate Instrument Name-Prefix Lookup Table
#' Must have API privileges and be connected to the Northwestern VPN. This
#' will return a new version of the anrlab_instruments objects. Future
#' maintainers should run this and update that object whenever changes are made
#' to instruments or new instruments are added. This shouldn't happen frequently
#' once a project is moved to production mode.
#' @param redcap_uri Redcap user API URI
#' @param redcap_token Redcap user API token
#' @param overwrite Whether to overwrite the lookup table in the package already, defaults to FALSE
#' @return A dataframe with all the instrument names and their prefixes
#' @export
generate_new_lookup <- function(redcap_uri, redcap_token, overwrite=FALSE) {
  requireNamespace("usethis", quietly = TRUE)

  # Get data dictionary
  anrlab_instruments <-
      REDCapR::redcap_metadata_read(redcap_uri, redcap_token)[["data"]],
      instrument_name = form_name,

  # Get instrument names, prefixes, and field names
  anrlab_instruments <-
    dplyr::group_by(anrlab_instruments, instrument_name) %>%
      instrument_prefix =
        # Using last will ignore the record id
      fields = list(field_name)

  # Set which instruments are repeating instruments
  repeating_insts <- get_repeating(uri, tkn)
  anrlab_instruments[["is_repeating"]] <- anrlab_instruments[["instrument_name"]] %in% repeating_insts
  if (overwrite)
    usethis::use_data(anrlab_instruments, overwrite = TRUE)
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