Man pages for tsunghengtsai/MSstatsPTM
Statistical Characterization of Post-translational Modifications

annotate_siteAnnotate modification site.
annot_siteAnnotate modification site.
compare_modCompare abundance of a modified site across conditions.
extract_paramExtract estimated parameters.
fill_censored_aftAnnotate censored values and fill with AFT.
lm_groupFit a linear model with group effect (and batch effect if...
locate_modLocate modified sites with a peptide.
locate_siteLocate potential modification sites with a peptide.
model_ptmWhole-plot modeling for all sites.
nest_siteWhole-plot modeling.
normalize_ptmNormalize feature intensities across runs.
summarize_featureSummarization of feature intensities.
tidy_bchExtract estimate of group effect.
tidy_fastaRead and tidy FASTA file.
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