Man pages for vitalinakomashko/parallelGO
Parallel Implementation for Extraction of GO Results

deduplicate_rowsRemove duplicated rows.
filter_pvaluesFilter GO enrichment results using a p-value cutoff
get_ontologyRun GO enrichment analysis for a specified ontology.
human_symbolList of human gene symbols grouped by set label.
map_genesMap gene identifiers to ENTREZ gene
pipePipe operator
read_fileRead data with genes and gene set labels to a data frame
remove_errorsRemove sets which generated errors or warnings by...
remove_small_setsRemove gene sets where membership is smaller than a cutoff
return_error_resultOutput a data frame for sets that generated an error or a...
run_goRun GO analysis on parallel.
verify_inputVerify validity of the provided function input.
wrap_and_goMain function for running GO analysis in parallel.
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