Man pages for vjcitn/biocMultiAssay
Software for the integration of multi-omics experiments in Bioconductor

ExperimentListConstruct an 'ExperimentList' object for the...
ExperimentList-classA container for multi-experiment data
hasAssayChecking assay method for any class
mapToListConvert map from data.frame or DataFrame to list and vice...
MatchedAssayExperiment-classAn integrative and matched-samples class for experiment data
miniACCAdrenocortical Carcinoma (ACC) MultiAssayExperiment
MultiAssayExperimentConstruct a 'MultiAssayExperiment' object
MultiAssayExperiment-classAn integrative multi-assay class for experiment data
MultiAssayExperiment-helpersA group of helper functions for manipulating and cleaning a...
MultiAssayExperiment-methodsAccessing/modifying slot information
MultiAssayExperiment-packageMultiAssayExperiment: Build an integrative multi-assay...
prepMultiAssayPrepare a 'MultiAssayExperiment' instance
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
subsetBySubsetting a MultiAssayExperiment object
upsetSamplesCreate a generalized Venn Diagram analog for sample...
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