Man pages for waldronlab/TCGAmisc
TCGA utility functions for data management

buildsUtilities for working with build numbers
clinicalNamesClinical dataset names in TCGA
curatedTCGAData-helpersHelper functions for managing MultiAssayExperiment from...
diseaseCodesTCGA Cancer Disease Codes Table
findGRangesColsObtain minimum necessary names for the creation of a...
generateMapCreate a sampleMap from an experiment list and phenoData...
getFileNamesFind the file names used in RTCGAToolbox
ID-translationTranslate study identifiers from barcode to UUID and vice...
imputeAssayThis function imputes assays values inside a...
makeGRangesListFromCopyNumberMake a GRangesList from TCGA Copy Number data
makeGRangesListFromExonFilesRead Exon level files and create a GRangesList
makeSummarizedExperimentFromGISTICCreate a SummarizedExperiment from FireHose GISTIC
mergeColDataTake a MultiAssayExperiment and include curated variables
sampleTypesBarcode Sample Type Table
TCGAbarcodeParse data from TCGA barcode
TCGAbiospecExtract biospecimen data from the TCGA barcode
TCGAsampleSelectSelect samples from barcodes from lookup table
TCGAutils-packageTCGAutils: Helper functions for working with TCGA and...
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