Man pages for walter-ca/Scale4C
Scale4C: an R/Bioconductor package for scale-space transformation of 4C-seq data

addPointsOfInterestAdd points of interest to a 'Scale4C' object
calculateFingerprintMapCalculate scale-space fingerprint map for given 4C-seq data
calculateScaleSpaceCalculate scale-space representation for given 4C-seq data
findSingularitiesFind singularities in a provided scale-space fingerprint map
importBasic4CseqDataImport raw data from a provided Basic4Cseq output file
liverDataExample 4C-seq data set of fetal liver data
liverDataVPExample 4C-seq data set of fetal liver data, with added VP
outputScaleSpaceTreeOutput list of all features for a given scale-space map
plotInflectionPointsDraw a smoothed near-cis profile with marked inflection...
plotTesselationDraw the final scale space tesselation
plotTracebackDraw the traceback results for a list of singular points on a...
Scale4CCreating a Scale4C object
Scale4C-classClass '"Scale4C"'
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