Man pages for weecology/MATSS
Macroecological Analyses of Time Series Structure

analysis_wrapperCreate a function that replicates an analysis for all time...
build_analyses_planGenerate a Drake Plan for Analyses
build_bbs_datasets_planGenerate a Drake Plan for BBS Datasets
build_biotime_datasets_planGenerate a Drake Plan for Biotime Datasets
build_datasets_planGenerate a Drake Plan for Datasets
build_gpdd_datasets_planGenerate a Drake Plan for GPDD Datasets
build_retriever_datasets_planGenerate a Drake Plan for retriever datasets
check_data_formatCheck data format
check_default_data_pathCheck if a default data path is set
collect_analysesCollect the Analyses Together as a List
combine_bbs_subspeciesCombine subspecies into their common species
correct_biotime_datasetCorrect and clean specific datasets
create_MATSS_compendiumCreate a research compendium for MATSS
dragonsdragons dataset
filter_bbs_speciesFilter poorly sampled BBS species
filter_bbs_tsFilter BBS to specified time series period and number of...
get_bbs_route_region_dataGet cleaned BBS data
get_biotime_dataGet a cleaned BioTime dataset
get_biotime_dataset_idsReturn BioTime dataset ids for individual loading
get_cowley_lizardsRead in the cowley lizard community data from a txt file...
get_cowley_snakesRead in the cowley snake community data from a txt file...
get_default_data_pathWhat is the default data path?
get_effort_from_dataextract the effort from a formatted data structure
get_gpdd_dataCreate GPDD population time-series data
get_jornada_dataget Jornada rodent data Import Jornada rodent abundance from...
get_karoo_dataget Karoo ungulate data Import and clean Karoo abundance from...
get_kruger_dataget Kruger National Park ungulate data Import and clean...
get_maizuru_dataRead in the maizuru community data from a csv file Import...
get_mtquad_dataCreate Montana plant quad time-series data
get_portal_rodentsget portal rodent data Import Portal rodent data using...
get_sdl_dataCreate Sonoran desert lab time-series data
get_sgs_dataget Shortgrass Steppe rodent data Import Shortgrass Steppe...
get_times_from_dataextract the times from a formatted data structure
install_retriever_dataDownload data from the data retriever
interpolate_obsInterpolate observations
maizuru_dataDataset Maizuru Fish Community
MATSSMacroecological Analayses of Time Series Structure
normalize_obsNormalize observations, effort, or times
pipePipe operator
prepare_bbs_ts_dataPrepare BBS population time-series data
process_bbs_route_region_dataProcess the BBS data for an individual route and region
process_biotime_datasetProcess an individual BioTime dataset
richnessCount non-0 entries
summarize_dfCompute summaries and autocorrelation for each variable
summarize_vecSummarize a univariate vector
temp_autocorInterpolate observations
to_numeric_vectorExtract a numeric vector
ts_summarySummarize a time series
use_default_data_pathManage the default path for downloading MATSS Data into
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