Man pages for weecology/portalcasting
Functions used in predicting portal rodent dynamics

add_addl_future_moonsAdd more more moons to accomplish requested forecast length
add_ensembleAdd Ensemble Model to Forecasts
add_future_moonsAdd future moons to the moon table
all_optionsPrepare options for a portalcasting directory
append_covariate_fcastAppend a covariate forecast to historical covariate table
append_cov_fcast_csvAppend a covariate forecast to existing covariate forecasts
append_csvSave data out to a csv, appending the file if it already...
append_past_moons_to_rawAppend missing past moons to the raw data
autoarimaFlexible Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average model for...
base_pathDetermine the path for a specific level of a portalcasting...
castActually forecast or hindcast
cast_modelsSource the selected models to forecast or hindcast with
castsMultiple forecast or hindcast
check_to_skipCheck if the newmoon should be skipped
cleanup_dirRemove the temporary files in PortalData and tmp
clear_tmpClear tmp
combine_forecastsCombine Forecasts and Append to Existing Files
compile_aic_weightsCalculate Model Weights
covariate_modelsCreate a covariate model list
create_dirCreate the full structure of a portalcasting directory
create_main_dirCreate the main directory folder of a portalcasting directory
create_sub_dirCreate a subdirectory folder
create_sub_dirsCreate the sub directory folders of a portalcasting directory
create_tmpCreate tmp
dataoutSave data out to a file and return it
dirtreeDefine the names of the directory tree for a forecasting...
download_predictionsDownload the predictions files from the portalPredictions...
enforce_rodents_optionsEnforce the specific data options for the two rodent data...
esssExponential Smoothing State Space model for Portal...
fcast0Zero-abundance forecast
file_pathDetermine the path for a file in the forecasting directory
fill_dataPopulate the for-use data of a portalcasting directory
fill_dirPopulate the base components of a portalcasting directory
fill_modelsPopulate the model scripts of a portalcasting directory
fill_PortalDataPopulate the raw data of a portalcasting directory
fill_predictionsPopulate the predictions subdirectory of a portalcasting...
forecast_covariatesBuild a covariate forecast for model predictions
forecast_ndviBuild an ndvi forecast for model predictions
forecast_weatherBuild a weather forecast for model predictions
format_moonsFormat the moon data
get_climate_forecastsDownload downscaled weather data
interpolate_abundanceInterpolate Missing Rodent Data
is.spcolWhich columns are species columns
lag_dataLag Covariate Data
make_ensembleCreate the ensemble model from all other forecasts
model_optionsPrepare options for a portalcasting model
model_pathDetermine the path for a model in the model sub directory
modelsProvide the names of models
models_to_castSelect models to forecast or hindcast with
model_templateCreate the text to be written out to a script for a model
nbgarchnegative binomial Generalized AutoRegressive Conditional...
pevgarchpoisson environmental variable Generalized Auto-Regressive...
portalcastForecast or hindcast Portal rodents
portalcastingFunctions for Portal Forecasting
prep_covariatesPrepare covariate data table
prep_dataPrepare data subdirectory for a forecast run or hindcast runs
prep_fcast_covariatesPrepare forecast covariate data table
prep_hist_covariatesPrepare historical covariates data
prep_metadataPrepare model metadata
prep_moonsPrepare temporal (lunar) data
prep_rodentsPrepare historic rodent data
prep_weather_dataPrepare historical weather data
remove_sppRemove species from the rodent data table
rodents_dataCollect and process historic rodent data
rodent_sppRodent species abbreviations
save_forecast_outputSave forecast output to files
setup_dirSet up a full forecasting directory
step_castsStep through the subsequent casts
step_hind_forwardStep the hind_step values forward
subdirsDefine the names of the subdirectories in a forecasting...
todayToday's date
transfer_hist_covariate_forecastsTransfer the historical covariate data forecasts to the data...
transfer_trapping_tableTransfer the trapping table to the data folder
trim_moons_fcastTrim the moons table for covariate forecasting
trim_treatmentRemove the treatment column from the rodent data table
update_covariatesUpdate the covariate data for a step in a hindcast
update_covfcast_optionsUpdate the data options for covariate forecasts based on...
update_dataUpdate the data for each subsequent step in a hindcast
update_rodentsUpdate the rodent data for a step in a hindcast
verify_modelsVerify that models to forecast or hindcast with exist
verify_PortalDataVerify that the PortalData sub is present and has required...
write_modelWrite the template for a model into model subdirectory
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