Man pages for wrightaprilm/treeStartR
Generate Starting Trees For Combined Molecular, Morphological and Stratigraphic Data

absent_tippRAdd tips to tree via user input
dataf_parsRDetect file format of taxon file
echo_rbPrint RevBayes-formatted clade constriants.
echo_subtreePrint subtrees with tips added.
fileFormatUtility function to check if file is a csv or tsv.
genera_strippRCheck if tip is on tree
get_foundGet dataframe of tips that do not have congeners on tree.
get_lostDetermine if a tip is present on a tree
make_absentdfDetermine which tips are not on the tree, and get their...
make_treedfDetermine which tips are on the tree, and get their genera.
present_tippRAdd tips to the tree based on taxonomy.
rand_absent_tippRRandom addition of taxa
taxon_testrUtility function to check taxon_names in parsed data file
text_placRAdd tips to tree via taxon list
treestartrtreestartr: A package for generating reasonable starting...
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