Man pages for wuxiaotiankevin/pLDA
The pLDA Package

greedyRearrangeColumnRearrange columns of two matrices for match in a greedy way
hkGenesHuman housekeeping genes.
hkGenesShortlistShortlist of human housekeeping genes.
PermutationRearrangeColumnRearrange columns in mat2 to align with mat1, using l2...
pldaPenalized Latent Dirichlet Allocation
plda_choose_lambdapLDA Choose Shrinkage Parameter
plda_estimate_beta_given_gammaEstimate beta matrix given data and gamma matrix
plda_estimate_gamma_given_betaEstimate new gamma matrix
pldaPackage-packageA short title line describing what the package does
plotGammaPlot heatmap for gamma matrix
preprocessPreprocess pLDA input data
rcpp_hello_worldSimple function using Rcpp
simulateCountsSimulate expression count table
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