genieR: an R package for the genealogy interval explorer

genieR is a package for the inference of demographic history from reconstructed molecular phylogenies. It covers a few functions designed in GENIE, Pybus and Rambaut (2002).

Installing the package

To install the devel version of the package, type:


Note that this requires the package devtools installed and a Rtools installation is necessary to build this package for the benefit of Windows users.

Contributors (by alphabetic order):

Simon D. W. Frost (@sdwfrost) Fei Xiang (@xiangfstats) Maintainer : Fei Xiang ([email protected]m)


Pybus O. G. , Rambaut A. (2002) GENIE: Estimating demographic history from molecular phylogenies. Bioinformatics 18:1404-5.

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