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Randomly jitter the points in a ridgeline plot which can be shifted horizontally


This is a position adjustment specifically for 'geom_density_ridges()' and related geoms. It only jitters the points drawn by these geoms, if any. If no points are present, the plot remains unchanged. The effect is similar to position_jitter(): points are randomly shifted up and down and/or left and right. It add 'hexpand' that can control shift horizontally.


  width = 0,
  height = 0.2,
  yoffset = 0,
  hexpand = NA,
  adjust_vlines = FALSE,
  seed = NULL



Width for horizontal jittering. By default set to 0.


Height for vertical jittering, applied in both directions (up and down). By default 0.2.


Vertical offset applied in addition to jittering.


numeric, distance to be shifted horizontally for geoms that have a position, default is NA.


If TRUE, adjusts vertical lines (as are drawn for quantile lines, for example) to align with the point cloud.


Random seed. If set to NULL, the current random number generator is used. If set to NA, a new random random seed is generated. If set to a number, this number is used as seed for jittering only.

See Also

Other position adjustments for ridgeline plots: position_points_sinax, position_raincloudx

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