Man pages for yangjl/imputeR
Imputation of GBS genotypes via window phasing

create_array'Create GBS.array objects'
doc_exampleSum of vector elements.
error_probsReturn error matrices
estimate_error'Estimate genotyping error'
GBS.array-classA S4 class stores genomic data.
get_phased'Method for GBS.array'
getsfssetup the neutral SFS
get_true_GBS'Method for GBS.array'
hw_probsReturn HW probs
impute_kid'Phasing and Imputing Kid Genotypes'
impute_parent'Impute Parent Genotype'
imputeRob'Create imputeR object. '
join_chunks'Joining phased haplotype chunks. '
mendelian_check'Create GBS.array objects'
phase_chunk'Phasing haplotype chunks. '
phase_parent'Phasing haplotypes of focal parent'
sim.array'A progeny array simulator.'
update_gbs_parents'Update GBS.array object'
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