Man pages for yasserglez/vines
Multivariate Dependence Modeling with Vines

hinverse-methodsMethods for the Inverse of the h-functions
h-methodsMethods for the h-functions
RVine-classesClasses for Regular Vines
VineCreate Vine Objects
Vine-classBase Vine Class
Vine-distributionVine Distribution Functions
vineFitVine Inference
vineFit-classClass for the Results of Vine Inference
vineFitML-classClass for the Results of Vine Inference by Maximum Likelihood
vineGoFVine Goodness-of-fit Tests
vineGoF-classClass for the Results of Vine Goodness-of-fit Tests
vineLogLikVine Log-likelihood Evaluation
vineOrderSelect an Order of the Variables
vineParametersParameters of a Vine
vinePIT-methodsVine Probability Integral Transform Methods
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