Man pages for yduan004/signatureSearchData
Datasets for signatureSearch package

cmapCMap2 LFC Signature Database
cmap_exprCMap Intensity Signature Database
cmap_rankCmap Rank Signature Database
combineNormResCombine Normalized Data from Different Chip Types
combineResultsCombine Batch-processed Normalization Results
dtlink_db_clue_stiDrug-Target Annotation Resources
ES_NULLNull Distribution of WTCS from 'gess_lincs' Method
getCmapCELDownload CMap2 CEL Files
goAnnoGO Term to Gene SYMBOLs Mapping Annotation
goAnno_drugGO Term ID to Drug Name Mapping Annotation
GO_DATAGO Annotation Environment
GO_DATA_drugGO to Drug Annotation Environment
inst_filterFilter LINCS Level 3 by Condition
lincsLINCS Z-score Signature Database
lincs_exprLINCS Intensity Signature Database
meanExprCalculate Mean Value for Replicated Samples
meanExpr2h5Calculate Mean Expression Values of LINCS Level 3 Data
normalizeCelNormalize CEL Files
probe2geneTransform Probe Set to Gene Level Data
runLimmaDEG Analysis with Limma
sampleListGenerate List of Treatment vs. Control Samples
sig_filterFilter LINCS Level 5 by Condition
signatureSearchDatasignatureSearchData: Reference Data for Gene Expression...
taurefListLookup Table for Computing Tau Scores
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