Man pages for yiluheihei/RevEcoR
Reverse Ecology Analysis on Microbiome

anno.speciesAnnotation profiles of seven well-studied oral species
calculateCooperationIndexCalculating the metabolic competition and complementarity...
composeCompose multiple functions
confidencescore-methodsConficence score
getGsMN-methodsThe genome scale metabolic network
getOrgMetabolicDataGet organism metabolic data from KEGG database
getSeedSetsIdentify seed compounds of each organism
gut_microbiomeAnnotation profiles of 116 gut prevalent species
InteractionsCalculating the species interactions
kegg_bucMetabolic profiles of KEGG organism Buchnera aphidicola APS...
kegg_ptrMetabolic profiles of KEGG organism Pan troglodytes...
KosarajuSCCCaculating the strong connected components (SCC) of a network
len-methodsthe length of the seed set
nonseed-methodsNon seed of the network
reconstructGsMNReconstuction of the specific-organism genome-scale metabolic...
RefDbcacheReference data for global metabolic construction The...
RevEcoRThe RevEcoR package
seedSize-methodsSize of the each seed source component
show-methodsThe show generic function
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