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set_prior_tpr_BrS_NoNestR Documentation

Set true positive rate (TPR) prior ranges for bronze-standard (BrS) data


set_prior_tpr_BrS_NoNest is for for conditional independence models. We currently also use it for conditional dependence model: subclass TPRs are independently assigned a beta prior. Ongoing work will enable specifying priors for the marginal TPR, i.e. TPRs for a disease class, not for the finer subclass.


set_prior_tpr_BrS_NoNest(slice, model_options, data_nplcm)



The BrS measurement slice under consideration.


See nplcm() function.


See assign_model() function.


Parameters for the BrS dta TPR priors. It is a list of two lists (alpha and beta). Alpha and beta are of the same length, the number of BrS measurement slices. Each element of the alpha (beta) list is a numeric vector for alpha (beta) parameters as in BETA distribution.

See Also

Other prior specification functions: overall_uniform(), set_prior_tpr_SS()

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