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Subset Profiling and Organizing Tools for Gel Electrophoresis Autoradiography in R

bin_gelForce multiple gels to share identical bins
build_data_for_dewarpingCreate data for Bayesian 2D dewarping
compute_local_relative_scoreCompute local relative scores:
compute_score_mat_peakGet the bins for bands:
correct_batch_effect_by_refPiecewise-linear warping to correct batch effects
create_batch_aligned_dataCreate the binned data after piecewise linear warping
crop_endremove the right end of the gel image
dewarp2dFit Bayesian 2D image dewarping models
edgesGet the two-sided end points
image_gelMake grayscale heatmap for one gel
make_listTakes any number of R objects as arguments and returns a list...
myARICompare two partitions (could be of different lengths)
pair2idThis function convert ids: (will need to move to the spotgear...
plot_lanePlot intensity of lanes (for raw data prior to cropping)
pwlPiecewise linear warping function for one index in the...
pwl_after_dewarpingPiecewise linear warping after aligning the landmarks
read_dewarp_folderRead data and other model information from a folder that...
read_IPdataRead Immuno-Precipitation (IP) data
sign_scoreCalculate relative scores for peak calling
smooth_gelInitial smoothing using the obtained raw intensities for all...
spotgearspotgear: *S*ubset *P*rofiling and *O*rganizing *T*ools for...
spotgear_identifyMajorPeaksIdentify peaks based on the ridges in 2-D CWT coefficient...
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