Man pages for zhuchcn/HTSet
High through-put experiment dataset container

barplotbarplot for fet enrichment test
dimensionsGet dimemsions
ecdfecdf plot for kst enrichment test
enrichment_testEnrichment test
exrnaexRNA from human isolated HDL
featureNames-HTSet-methodGet or set the feature names of an HTSet object
format_lipid_nameformat lipid names
hist.ModelFitp value histogram
HTSetHTSet S4 class constructur
HTSet-ExtractExtract or replace parts of an HTSet object
lipidomelipidomics dataset from human isolated HDL
model_fitstatistic tests for HTSet
mz2molwtm/z to molecular weight
nCarbonsExtract the carbon chain length
nDoubleBondsnumber of double bonds
nFattyAcylsnumber of fatty acyls
sampleNames-HTSet-methodGet or set the sample names of an HTSet object
subset_featuresSubset features
subset_samplesSubset samples
summarize_ACLsummarize average carbon chain length
summarize_EODEquivalent Double Bond per 18 carbons
summarize_featureSummarize by feature variable
summarize_lipid_ratiosCalculate lipid classes ratios
summarize_odd_chainsummarize odd chain lipids
transform_by_featureTransform by feature
transform_by_sampleTransform by sample
validateArgsInOptionsvalidate args in options
volcanoplot.ModelFitvolcano plot
wcmc_adductshow wcmc's adduct table
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